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  • Bonds with 5,5% interest rate per year
  • Quarterly payment of interest
  • Secure buy-in for 225% covered by lien machine room installation
  • 100% payback at the end of 3 years
  • Participation from € 500 only

The term of this bond is 3 years. Payment of an attractive interest of 5,5% right from the start. You are assured of attractive quarterly interest payments and your investment is completely returned at the end of the 3-year term.


Unlimited Snow is the worldwide leading and only one-stop-shop providing best solutions for all imaginable (indoor) snow & ice leisure experiences. It offers the customers total peace of mind from concept though operations. It is known for its creativity and its own developed franchised IP.

Unlimited snow is part of the Unlimited Leisure Holding, a group of companies providing innovative products and services to the Local based Entertainment world.

Unlimited Snow already provided services to a lot of existing indoor snow projects and established itself as the concept design and realisation company for high level story telling based Snow Theme parks. Immersive Design that clearly stands out from the market standard including the WOW factor, guest friendly operations, variety of fun attractions and safety. Several of the ideas have been executed already and the first 100% produced by Unlimited Snow Theme parks are in various stages of development.

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UNLIMITED SNOW was the first to introduce real snow produced at any ambient temperature for events and indoor use. This included producing the snow for the first indoor ski slopes in Europe from 1995.

UNLIMITED SNOW is not particularly enthusiastic about the traditional indoor ski slopes. Ever seen a 100% straight slope in the mountains? We have not. We reinvented the indoor ski slope into a next generation “butterfly model” with natural interlinking slopes providing real experiences for all skier levels and successfully patented the same.

UNLIMITED SNOW was the first to come up with new fixed and relocatable instant fun snow & ice amusement concepts. Suitable for a much wider international market where experiencing and playing in the snow is more important than sportive activities such as skiing.

UNLIMITED SNOW also was the first to develop indoor Snow & Ice Theme parks, Inspired by the Theme Park industry. This has further advanced into the first integrated IP based Snow Theme park. Various serious projects have been designed and some of them are under construction with the first one opened this year.

UNLIMITED SNOW does not like or need freezing cold. Neither do most snow park visitors. We invented a unique system of indoor Ski and Snow parks above freezing, with an ingeniously controlled daily melt and freshly recycled snow guarantee. Netherlands patent approved and international patents are pending.

UNLIMITED SNOW won an important best indoor snow park designer award in China and became the official partner of the Chinese Wanglong Ski resort, the location for the Winter Olympic Games 2022.


Unique integral total Solutions

Amazing Experiences


Around 25 years ago, at the time the first “real” snow machines were invented, the founder of Unlimited Snow grasped the opportunity to create “real” snow at any temperature, used for events throughout Europe. He was the visionary creating real snow and themed snow for events like Winter Efteling and city sports events. Events that still continue to date!

His life changed when he got in touch with the world of Theme parks. The idea of taking guests away from their ordinary surrounding into an imaginary world inspired him and he started to develop the idea of Snow & Ice Theme parks. With this idea he was far ahead of the market, but he took on the challenge and decided to leave the event business and concentrate on the design and realisation of Indoor Snow & Ice Theme Parks.

Currently at our headquarters you can find a team of around 12 to at times 25 persons; architects, engineers, set designers, graphic designers, illustrators, (snow) technicians, project managers and support staff from around the world. We have a flexible shell around these 12 specialists of free lancers and suppliers. Speaking more than 10 languages fluently, we speak the mother language of most of our clients. The team includes former Executive members of renowned ski domes and Entertainment design companies that have previously worked on famous projects around.


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Throughout the years we have invested heavily into development and marketing, financed from our own pockets. We have created unique services and products, which were ahead of their time, but the present market is proven to be ready for it.

The demand is there. It’s now about the next step and realising the concept. With your investment we will finance the purchase of machine rooms. Machine rooms are the core of any snow park.

Unlimited Snow Development BV is the company that develops snow parks, while the bonds are issued by Unlimited Leisure Invest BV. As such Unlimited Leisure Invest BV invests the received funds in machine rooms as the core of any snow theme park. Unlimited Leisure Invest BV also ensures the payments of interest and investment.

Unlimited Leisure Invest BV is compensated for making the machine rooms available from which the interest and return of investment is paid to the bond holders.
The financial return and the redemption of the bonds are linked to collateral. Unlimited Leisure Invest BV is complete and legal owner of a finished and tested machine room installation for a snow park. The current and immediately available machine room is valued at over Euro 4,5 million. A machine room installation is the crucial and technical core of every snow park. This machine room is relocatable, flexible employable and therefore extremely current. This tangible asset is the collateral for the purpose of the collective bonds owners by means of a lien. With this lien the invested amounts by the bonds owners is covered by 225%. The machine room is unburdened and therefore provides an optimal security for you as bonds owner.

For an extensive explanation concerning the finance purposes as well as the risks related to this investment we refer to the Information Memorandum and other documentation available for downloading under the heading Documentation.


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It is wise to immerse yourself in our company first. Although investing is never free of risks, it can provide more financial return than bank savings. However, it is very important that you have the right and complete information and studied it carefully. The fact that you are looking at the information on this website is a good sign.

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Does high interest rates always mean more risk? Yes, but you can limit your own risk by spreading your investments. Never invest more money than you can spare. It is not wise to use your complete savings account, because investing always involves risks.

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ou can do that. From experience, you probably already know what the risks are. Corporate bonds are a
separate asset class. The risk, i.e. the yield ratio, is not comparable to other
investment products such as ship CVs, government bonds or real estate and institutional investment funds.



The Corporate Bonds can be paid by iDEAL or by bank transfer. You will receive your payment confirmation
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After payment, you have 14 days of cooling-off time to cancel free of charge.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I invest?

    The steps are:

    Register investment U kunt zich eerst inschrijven voordat u kunt gaan beleggen. Dit kan als natuurlijk persoon of namens een bedrijf.

    Payment You can complete the registration through a bank transfer, Confirmation will follow.

    Fully booked When the amount of the bonds is reached, the status will change to "Fully booked". From then it is not possible to invest anymore. Every investment has a cooling-off period of 14 days. In this period the investor has the right to change or cancel the registration. The bond loan will remain "Fully booked" until the cooling-off period of all registrations has expired.

  • Why can a prospect be exempt from approval with the AFM?

    If one of the below conditions are met, a prospect can be exempt from approval with the AFM:

    • The offer is aimed at fewer than 150 people.
    • The securities can be acquired (whether or not in a package) at a value of at least € 100,000 per investor.
    • The offering of securities by a non-profit association or institution to achieve its non-commercial objectives.
    • The nominal value of a security is € 100,000 or more.

    This is also the case with this offer

    • The total equivalent value of the securities being offered is less than € 5
      million, calculated over a 12-month period.

    It is also possible that an approved prospectus is not available
    with an offer because the offer does not require a prospectus. This is the case when
    securities are not tradable or when it concerns an offer from
    participation rights in an open-end investment institution. Source: AFM

  • What is Crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is the lending of relatively small amounts by a large group of investors
    to a compnay through an online platform. When lending money to a company
    the compensation is interest on the loan. This form is called "loan based crowdfunding" or
    "crowdlending". Financial return is important in this form of crowdfunding.

  • What does "no prospectus obligation" mean?

    An investment offer usually requires a license or the company must have a
    prospectus approved by the AFM. Sometimes exemptions apply and one falls
    investment offer does not fall under the supervision of the AFM. We then speak of an exempt
    investment. For example, an investment is exempt if all investors can jointly invest
    a maximum of € 5 million in the investment. Source: AFM

  • Does the bond loan fall under Crowdfunding?

    No, with crowdfunding you take out a loan through a brokerage platform of lenders
    and borrowers. A crowdfunding platform needs to take a crowdfunding investor test
    with every consumer who invests more than € 500 via the platform. Now you invest
    directly in the company. You provide the company with a loan and decide how
    how large the loan is.The conditions for the loan can be found in the Information

  • Where can I find the key investor information?

    Essential information is information that you need in any case to make an informed
    decision. Underneath the head Documentation Documentation on this page you will find
    the legal information document submitted to the AFM and information about, among other things, the
    risks, collateral and guarantees, the terms and conditions of the loan, tax
    treatment and current financial situation.

  • Can I cancel the purchase of Bonds?

    Yes, the AFM believes it is important that you as a consumer make a conscious choice to
    to invest. That is why we offer the opportunity for reflection. This is designed in two ways:
    1) You must actively confirm that you have read the information memorandum,
    before you press the order button. 2) You have the option to dissolve for 14
    days. This is possible by written confirmation. There are no costs associated with this cancellation.
    If the investment is not canceled within 14 days
    it will then become definitive.

  • How can I sell or transfer bonds?

    Bondholders who wish to transfer their bonds can indicate this in writing
    to us.

  • Do you have other questions?

    Read more about direct funding at www.mijnfunding.nl

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